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This tattoo is taken from the song "Seasons of Love" from the musical RENT. Tattoo was done at Insanity in West SILOAM Springs, Arkansas.

Harry potter symbols. Symbols for my HP piece.  :)

Harry Potter Tattoos Ideas- I like the idea of these but "expecto patronum" has nothing to do woth the feather; I think the spell they were looking for was "wingardium leviosa".

The Clash. Amazing work by Tommy Montoya.

Tommy Montoya Unreal talent with his black and grey application if of the best in the biz without a dought 🙌🙌

Pick Up the Cent Bank

Pick Up the Cent Bank - Place a coin on the plate atop the unassuming packing box, and watch as a clever kitty snatches your savings away. When you’re ready for some retail therapy, just twist the cap on the base of kitty’s box and collect your coins.

Little Sparks of Madness: Tattoo Lovin'!

Zibu symbol on my left wrist. The blessing from the Angels explains this symbol as, “Compassion is a way of life. It connects the points in life. It connects Heart and Soul. It brings joy. It is heal

"Les Miserables tatoo" - Google Search

Lyrics from the musical Les Miserables (story by Victor Hugo) Done by Miguel at Velvet Grip Family, West Hollywood.