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MRW a friend mentions my crush

I got 8 out of 10 on How Well Do You Know "Ice Age" Characters' Names?

I Got Cool As A Cucumber – Less than 10% OCD!! You’re just going with the flow, huh? Must be a nice life. Grass a little too long? Hair a little out of place?  No big deal. Alphabetical order? Who cares? Life’s too short to worry about that stuff, right? Kudos to you for worrying about the “big picture”, but you probably should make your bed. Where do you think your friends stack up on the OCD meter? Share this quiz and let’s see where they’re at!

I Got Full Blown OCD – Approximately OCD!you are clearly about as OCD as they become. Everything must be in its proper place, at its proper time, proper length, and proper order – or it is TOTAL CHAOS!

What’s Your Worst Quality?  You got: Too Nice You’re too nice. You’re one of the best friends and just overall a great person. But you give and you give and you give until nothing is left.

What's Your Worst Quality?

What’s Your Worst Quality? Honestly, it's intimidating and you're making all the dumb people feel bad. I got: Too Nice!

Your best friend! AGHHHH not again! Every quiz I take sad I'm gonna marry for fall in love with my best friend! Just because I have known him since I was 3 doesn't mean that I'm gonna marry him!

Who Will You Marry?

I love this quiz! It Just makes me so happy that the quiz tells me just what I want to hear

22 best boys from the Mary Kate and Ashley movies

Ranking All The Love Interests In The Mary-Kate And Ashley Films

I can't believe how accurate I feel these rings are, you don't even need the cartoons next to them to see where the designs are inspired from :)

Disney Engagement Rings From Gemvara — Seen Them Yet?

Disney Princess Engagement rings of these infamous love stories of our time. just like Romeo & Juliette or Mider Etain, this is romantic and deep. Imsgine getting a ring based off your favorite love story.

What film is this Disney opening from?

Can You Match The Disney Movie With It's Corresponding Opening Castle?

Walt Disney's vanity plate is iconic as it features a castle stylised in different ways that fits in with the theme of the movie. It also has the star that shoots over the castle which is very well known itself.


We call this one the 'Tude Titanvia He had to break that window to make sure his middle finger was visiblevia More like . View GIFs That Take Flipping the Bird To the Next Level" and more funny posts on Dorkly