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After seeing Trump desperately try to distract from the Mueller indictments starting tomorrow by attacking Hillary Clinton once again this morning on Twitter (He even tweeted DO SOMETHING!)

After hearing the Alabama governor say that she’ll vote for Roy Moore despite the sexual misconduct allegations against him, Super Funny Awesome Memes AdviceAnimals AdviceAnimals, funnymemes, Memes,

I was going to pin this to Hamilton but this goes for every musical tbh

One does not simply stare at the handcuffs and give up.

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Every Little Thing lyrics in meme form!

Meme Karaoke: Advice Animals Cover The Police [PIC]

Meme Karaoke: Advice Animals Cover The Police "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"

Regarding the comments on my dead bedroom advice mallard post yesterday

Regarding the comments on my dead bedroom advice mallard post yesterday

2017 Year In Pictures: Animals

This fed-up feline is definitely done with Hurricane Harvey. The cat was photographed swimming through dirty floodwaters in Houston, Texas, by Getty photographer Scott Olson.

Journey Advice from a Palm Tree: "Reach High." Your True Nature

Each postcard says: Advice from a Sequoia Stand tall and proud Sink your roots into the Earth Be content with your natural beauty Drink plenty of water Enjoy th

Whenever I see a user submitted the same comment twice.

Getting The Ball Rolling – Account Analysis

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Resultado de imagen para chancla voladora

Resultado de imagen para chancla voladora

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To the old hag that told me to get my damn dog off her lawn and have him put down.