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BEAST... B2st oooooh Yoseob.... lol

Make Up timeeee!!!!

I think this is Infinite but I am not sure.oh well I thought it was hilarious

Jang Hyunseung of B2ST. for the group "Trouble Maker" with HyunA in 4minute. Song name "There is no tomorrow

Jang Hyunseung of for the group "Trouble Maker" with HyunA in Song name "There is no tomorrow

Ki Kwang | Gi Kwang | 이기광 | Beast | B2ST | D.O.B 30/3/1990 (Aries)

Fashion magazine ‘Cosmopolitan’ recently sat down with Highlight’s Kikwang for an exclusive interview titled ‘In My Room.’ The 27 year old Kpop idol tells ‘Cosmopolitan’ about his lifestyle varying from living on his own to his shoe shopping fetish.

Crazy BEAST (I can't control my laughter at Junhyung's and Yoseob's pose hahahahaha) the one and only

Keira ♪ 키이라 ♪ LIGHT on

Beast can't be normal xD but their Sooooo awesome!


[BEAST] Okay fellow Aussie kpoppers, once again we have kpop royalty reaching Australian shores once again. Tickets are now available at Ticketek!

B2ST WAAH love them ^_^

my DREAM boys 하이라이트 on