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Jeremy Renner and his mom Valerie Cearley

Jeremy Renner and his mom Valerie Cearley

I think Renner is mentally five. <<<< He's sooo adorable!!!!<= I love Scarlett trying so hard not to laugh...

GIF - Jeremy renner is seriously five years old. I mean look at him, how do Chris and Scarlett keep a straight face? Look at him. Why we love him… 41 … he is 41 … I seriously love him right now…

The Avengers, Jeremy Renner

Comic Conversations: Hawkeye the Avenger Who Is Just A Dude

Not long ago, Marvel released a teaser poster and a trailer for The Avengers both including Hawkeye, the greatest archer in the Marvel universe. So how good is he?

Jeremy Renner......WOW!!!! I do love thoes eyes!!!!

One of my fave pics. And more blue-eyes convert persuasion for this dark-eyed loving girl.

Jeremy Renner. What is your life?

I have no idea what I'm doing

Just smile and wave boys.Smile and wave Avengers / Tom Hiddleston / Robert Downey Jr / Jeremy Renner

My favorite Avenger because even without super powers he STILL kicks alien butt

Renner, black is apparently your colour. *tries to prevent eyes dilating quite so.