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Italian-born, London-based artist Leonardo Ulian‘s latest work creates these beautiful symmetrical mandalas with refurbished computer chips and electronic components

Technological Mandala by Leonardo Ulian

Technological Mandala No. 2 is the latest work from Italian-born, London-based artist Leonardo Ulian who carefully solders a myriad of computer components, circuitry and microchips to create these precisely symmetrical mandalas

Geometric Installations by Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels

Artist Transforms Salvaged Wood Into Fascinating Geometric Installations

Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels creates wooden installations inspired by the geometric arrangements of crystal formations. The artist stacks thin pieces of wood into tessellating triangular shapes.

Kendall Buster, Artist, Parabiosis II, 2002, commissioned for Washington DC Convention Center, Washington, DC, shadecloth, steel

Kendall Buster, Artist, Parabiosis II, commissioned for Washington DC…

Top tier necromancer armor - Imgur

Top tier necromancer armor

Robe Of Dead Soldiers by artist Do-Ho Suh - Made of thousands of fallen soldiers dog tags! Beautiful and heartbreaking

seon ghi bahk 4

Seon-Ghi Bahk -Corée The Coal, in Korea, is a traditional material used symbolically in a goal of purification, to keep away the spirits, to announce a birth or even in the kitchen