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introvert problems Pretending to be fascinated with what's on the shelf in front of you, until the person who was blocking the whole aisle gets out of the way. -And Im all EXCUSE ME, PLEASE - JUSSTAH MINUTE! This is why you should take me grocery shopping

haha i can relate!!

Funny pictures about Frozen computer. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen computer. Also, Frozen computer.

This is cruel and unfair...

Apparently you have to eat healthy more than once to get into shape. This is cruel and unfair.

Hungry is an emotion

Don't try to tell me that hungry is not an emotion because I feel that shit in my soul

Nacho libre all day! Haha the office napoleon dynamite!!!!

Everyday Disney: Day Disney Conversations It's true, I do speak fluently in movie quotes.but there are some times when Disney Conversations just get too funny not to share!

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I always tell myself, it's okay Erin it's only one video; then in comes the classic SpongeBob narration  ( 2 HOURS LATER) And then you realize you can never get the time back you just wasted

Not a video of how to talk to a giraffe but more video of how to do your make up and stuff

Didn't choose the vag life

Seriously though! I did not choose the Vag life! The Vag life chose me.