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Angels seem to have become out of fashion, on the account of other metaphysical realm entities such as ghouls, nature spirits, ghosts and other non-biological

Parliamo di Angeli - arte -

Albrecht DÜRER, The Feast of the Rosary - detail, 1506 by Ondra Havala, via…

Two angels in the clouds looking at a bell

Two angels in the clouds looking at a bell Postmark/Cancel: 1914 Nashua, NH

Raziel Archangel of True Love and Favorable Destiny - Guardian Angels

Raziel Archangel of True Love of the good fortune of the excellent results in everything we undertake even in the relationship with our child

angel of comfort | Angel of comfort Be with both of us(SM and VM). Heal both of us... VM

“Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace.” ― Victor Hugo Vladimir Kalinin - Soul Mine Also Has Recollected

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7 Corporal Works of Nourishing (or "God Really Does Tell us How to Cook!


Poyel Guardian Angel Born December 27 to 31 - Guardian Angels



tyrant who lives within us has only one goal - to protect us. It is a part of our psyche destined to keep us in the safe area, far from danger in everyday simplicity. The tyrant takes care not to make us make hasty or wrong decisions, in order to avoid future disappointments. However, what the tyrant does not

The tyrant who lives inside us - Guardian Angel


The Angels Video Series by Elizabeth Clare Prophet - The City of Shamballa - Reiki Attunement Social Network