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SO fun!!! :D  "Image fusion par excellence with this split image wonder. Split your world and prepare to taste “image fusion.” Using a dual-blind lens system and multiple exposure mechanics, the Split cam allows you to shoot half your photo with one subject and half with another."  Only US$ 25.00  Check it out here!  http://usa.shop.lomography.com/cameras/other-cameras/split-cam

Try the Split Cam and enjoy experimenting with unique multiple exposures!

Vintage Brownie, I have this one but I still gotta get it fixed

I had one like this. Collecting cameras can be an obsession. There are worse things:-)

Alice In Wonderland 35mm film? I mean, how precious!

Diana Mini Wonderland - people keep asking me if it's my 3 year old daughter's!

Lomography Diana Baby 110 Gold Camera

For the Wild Child: Lomography Diana Baby 110 Gold Camera // Bling-y jewelry is her forte.

to learn more about these awesome cameras you can watch a documentary on them at documentaryheaven.com

The Queen of all multi-lensed cameras takes four sequential panoramic shots on a single, action-packed photo!