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not reasons we are atheists

Religious Criticism — Reasons People are Atheists vs NOT Reasons People.

...after all, if we do not believe in your imaginary friends, why would we ever have reason to believe in your imaginary enemies...or where they reside?

I am not an Atheist, I am against religion and ɔhurch for they are the whores of power hungry males who can only feel they are enough if they make US feel that we are NOT enough.

Better yet, what had the earth been revolving around before the sun was created? Also, there was light on the first day. Really? Oh wait, god is all-powerful and can do anything it wants... never mind. Ha!

Funny pictures about Creationist logic. Oh, and cool pics about Creationist logic. Also, Creationist logic.

Ludicrously stupid is a fair assessment! If you're infected there's a cure. It requires real effort though. Wishing your physically impossible fantasy is true will have no affect...Personal, critical research will lead you to the truth! It's an exercise of common sense! If you think you have it, prove it! The kids know...Haunting words for the community of faith! infj4realscarry  boo!

Religion is poisonous. A disease that brainwashes the weak-minded. It is often used to control the misinformed, uneducated masses into submission. Don't be a slave to a hive mind such as religion.

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The doubt of your faith is not god testing you. It is the truth trying to emerge and free you.

Honestly, religion never comforted me, it brought me more sadness and pain than anything. Because my brain could not accept that an all powerful god would let innocent people be hurt. I looked for a 'why'. I am more comforted that there is no god to stop these things than if there was but did nothing.

Honestly, religion never comforted me, it brought me more sadness and pain than…

God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance. - Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Awesome bible jokes love, religion, atheism, free…

Hall of Fame, great response category. Thanks, TheAtheistPagan for this one. :)

How to respond when Christians complain about having atheism shoved down their throat.