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@natgeo • Photograph by @paulnicklen // Trash to some, home to others. A Mosshead Warbonnet, which is a small fish that sports a mass of cirri on its head resembling the feather's of an Indian Chieftain's war bonnet, hides inside an empty bottle someone tossed into the sea. With @cristinamittermeier and @sea_legacy. #followme on @paulnicklen to see more from this wet and stunning corner of #Canada. #GreatBearSea #beneaththethinblueline #nature @thephotosociety

Video by @bertiegregory // Whilst filming humpback whales feeding up the inlets on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, I came across an individual with a big chunk of its tail missing. My immediate reaction was that humans were to blame- perhaps the whale was entangled in discarded fishing gear or it was hit by a boat. However, after speaking to a number of different whale biologists, they had a totally different idea! To find out about the tale of this whale's tail, watch this…

World's wildlife being pushed to the edge by humans - in pictures

The leatherback turtle, feeding here on a pyrosome, has become increasingly rare in both the tropical Atlantic and Pacific. It declined by 95% between 1989 and 2002 in Las Baulas national park in Costa Rica, mainly caused by mortality at sea due to individuals being caught as bycatch and by development around nesting beaches. Similar trends have been observed throughout the species’ range.

Photo by @DavidDoubilet A small group of chinstrap and gentoo penguins rest and play on a small island of ice near Danko Island in #Antarctica. The penguins were wary of me at first as I snorkeled around the ice. One penguin would knock another into the water and watch. Once they determined I was not a predator they all began to come and go from their island without worry. With @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ocean #iceberg #penguin #extreme #nature #beauty #life for #moreocean…