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'There are so many places you could go with this.    For example — isn’t it interesting that white supremacists, who believe the Civil War was a war of northern aggression, typically support Republican candidates?    According to Inhofe’s Razor, they support Republican candidates because they recognize the capability they’re going to have.'

complains about missing text forgets to synchronize files Captain Picard and riker facepalm

I just watched this episode hahahaha. But technically, it wasn't Spock's original idea: the man next to the "work of art" had just called her that

Funny pictures about Spock's got the moves. Oh, and cool pics about Spock's got the moves. Also, Spock's got the moves.

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You'll never watch something without subtitles again. View Hilarious Subtitles That Make a Scene So Much Better" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Officially my new favorite GIF.

Officially my new favorite GIF.

Officially my new favorite GIF…click through. So worth it. it was soooo worth it.

laughed out loud

Geordi La Forge from Star Trek has 99 problems but a breach ain't one. Dying of laughter right now.

health care

It's Simple and why do we allow it to keep happening.big money thinks we all are so stupid.