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Australia needs to keep homebirth - and our politicians need to sound like this :-)

Andrew Laming attacks Labor's sneaky attempt to snuff out home births in Australia

Jim on homebirth...he does have a good point

Hehehe, this guys is so right, just about everyone has this reaction when you say home birth

Love how this toddler is nursing while the mother is in labor. Reminds me of a feeling I am very proud to have... I'd do ANYTHING for my children. I've been accused of doing 'too much' for my children, but in reality it's simply called LOVE. So simple.

oh goodness how cute- mama in labour, while her toddler nurses, encouraging contractions . maybe a tad pain involved .

Some people just don't like hospitals. Others feel much safer there than home.  What makes you feel safe?

Lol I know some people feel safe with all that expensive hospital equipment and then there's some, like me, who accept birth is natural and nothing to be afraid of (except if you're high risk)

Homebirth Decal....although it's still for hippies, too. ;)

Homebirth Sticker (Rectangle 10 pk)

Ina May Gaskin is one of the largest voices in re-normalizing home/natural birth.  Through her work she spread word of gaskin maneuver which continues to help reduce rates shoulder dystocia.  She is also known for helping  reduce rates of c-section for breech babies.  She founded The Farm Midwifery Center where women can go and birth naturally and have it completely accepted.  Her books Spiritual Midwifery and Ina May's Guide to Childbirth are well known in mothering circles.

Natural Childbirth - Check Ina May Gaskin is one of the largest voices in re-normalizing home/natural birth. I Gave birth to my oldest naturally with no epidural.

Elder Hippies enduring through the years . . . How incredibly sweet!

Ina Mae & Stephen Gaskin, may he rest in peace. She is a wonderful midwife.