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@SteveCase - The Rise of the Rest revolution is referenced at The #OCBusiness Summit #jobsbill #startup

Forge (Seeds of America, #2) by Laurie Halse Anderson. The sequel to Chains, Forge is an unforgettable tale of the grimmest days for Washington's troops at Valley Forge, told from the perspective of a young African American soldier and former slave, Curzon.

The Bay of Pigs was an American attempt to overthrow the newly established communist government in Cuba by training and sending Cuban rebels. The coup ended up in a disaster due to the lack of support by the Americans. The incident was an embarrassment for the U.S. and ultimately led to Castro pleading for Soviet aid (Cuban Missile Crisis).

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Napoleon in Cairo by Gerome (1868). The young would-be emperor is depicted striking a pose of quiet power, one hand resting on an Arab scimitar, the other holding a glove. The perspective is such that Napoleon appears rather taller than he actually was (he stood at 169 cm or 5 foot seven inches).

Historical writing prompts LOVE!!! I would probably choose a knight or Roman...though I like the idea of viking. I love studying the Spartans, but to have lived as one....yikes. Major yikes. I would not have wanted to go to their schools. Just sayin'.

Interesting perspective ---Booky- Within Marxism they believe that we live in a Capitalist society. This picture shows that the Bourgeoisie (rich/high class people) are taking money from the Proletariat (poorer people) and they are benefiting from the profit they receive.