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Bon Jovi

We're gotta hold on, to what we've got, it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not, we've got each others and that's a lot for love…we'll give it a shot

Bon Jovi rocks the Katie stage & Jon joins me to talk family, his career, hairstyles.


Mel O'B on

Jon Bon Jovi showing off his abs at Times Square NFL Kickoff show in 2002

Jon Bon Jovi

American Rock Star Jon Bon Jovi at His Home in New Jersey, New York, March 2004


Jon Bon Jovi in one of my favourite moments of "Bed Of Roses" clip!

Jon Bon Jovi even hotter now than before!

Jon Bon Jovi, "wanna lay you down, on a bed of roses". I gotta say--Love me some Bon Jovi!

Robin Grange in 1996's "The Leading Man" | The 18 Sexy Roles Of Jon Bon Jovi, The Actor

<b>He might be best known for livin& on a prayer, but Bon Jovi& real appeal comes across on screens big and small.</b> For his birthday, here are all the parts he& played, from the least sexy to the sexiest.