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Mean Green Juice Recipe

The best thing I ever did for my health was to take a 7 day Green Smoothie Challenge. I stuck to it completely for 7 days and lost 6 pounds! I couldn't believe how much energy I had and my cravings totally went away. I definitely want to do this again.

Patricia’s 40-day juice fast has healed her of psoriasis, lower back pain, sciatica, anxiety/depression, insomnia and to top it off, lost weight…

Psoriasis On Hands

Patricia's Juice Fast Healed Her Of Psoriasis, Sciatica, Anxiety, Insomnia And Also Lost Weight! - Juicing for Health

Cucumber Nutrition - #Gardens

Abdominal Myomectomy

Cucumbers are a good source of B vitamins. Cucumber Kills of Breast Cancer Cells in Vitro & Reduces Risk in Women. Rich in the compound cucurbitacin B which is a powerful anticancer compound & in lab studies has also been shown to potently suppress pr

Cucumber juice


Cucumber Juice Recipe Perfect amount of sweet and sour. So delicious! We will definitely be making this one again! >> We think this sounds delicious!

Does Carrot Juice Help Cure Cancer?

Does Carrot Juice Help Cure Cancer?

Juicing is always recommended for cancer-fighting issues. Let us know how carrot juice benefits cancer, its effectiveness through study on a real life experience.


Fresh lemon juice added to a of water in the a. is a great liver detoxifier & cleanses the kidneys & the digestive system. Lemon contains citric acid, which can be effective in treating acne. The vitamin C found in it is vital for that healthy glowi

The Fountain of Juice 100% Raw Juice Cold-Pressed No-HPP Garden Green (8 Pack)

100% Raw Juice Cold-Pressed No-HPP Garden Green (8 Pack)

Too busy to stop for a light lunch? This cold-pressed raw juice has you covered. At half the calories and half the sugar of our other juice recipes, this blend