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Sacred Geometry Vectors

Sacred Geometry Vectors

Anna at Hogwarts!!!! --->>> I feel like Anna would be a Hufflepuff.. she sacrificed herself for the one she loved and was really hopeful, but ig could be a Gryffindor

Anna at Hogwarts. I think she would be a HUFFLEPUFF though.<<<<is that a hufflepuff scarf? Because if it is its probably Kristoff's《nah she'd be in GRYFFINDOR<<true

Luiz Sacilotto (ME look at top five black strips horizontally to be cut out..rest of outside rectangle is left uncut=white)[*block outside rectangle and spray...remove blocks, flip and turn 90 degrees to block and spray left side with another spray letting overspray of previous color remain*] repeat from* to*x4

Bossa Nova and the Rise of Brazilian Music in the (Livro, Soul Jazz,