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Many surgical procedures are very safe. But any type of surgery carries risks along with it.In particular, doctors and surgeons want to find out about any poten

You can get second/expert opinion on reports, including operative report, radiology report, pathology report, laboratory report, emergency report, soap note report, progress note report, therapy report, clinical notes, autopsy reports, biopsy reports, psychiatric observations, X-ray reports, scan reports

Ask a doctor online and get a medical advice and health opinion online

Sure, who doesn't want to save a buck or two these days?  With the high cost of prescription medicines, many are tempted by the enticingly cheap prices of drugs they see at online pharmacies.  Before you get too curious yourself, you’ll want to know the results of an alarming 2013 report by The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

Rogue Pharmacies—A Danger to Your Health AND Wallet

Whether or not you use the free FamilyWize discount card, we consider it a public service to let you know the latest news on the high risks of buying drugs from online pharmacies.

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Ask a doctor online and get a medical advice and health opinion online

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Read "How to Manage a Normal but Embarrassing Health Problem," To learn about ways to prevent and treat your hemorrhoids. Call our office today is you are suffering from hemorrhoids today. (210) 490-2828.    #colorectalsurgeryservices #sanantonio #hemorrhoids

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We spend about a third of our lives asleep. However, the way we sleep can have an incredible impact on back, neck, joint and chronic pain.

How to Get Rid of Neck Pain After Sleeping Wrong

Vacina contra dengue ajuda a reduzir casos de complicações da doença. Veja as contraindicações e tire suas dúvidas sobre a vacina contra dengue

Vacina contra dengue: entenda como ela funciona e quem pode tomar


Easy DIY Turmeric Dark Circle Lightening Mask every sleepy girl needs to use now. Try this easy Turmeric Dark Circle Lightening Mask for a refreshed look.

CDC - How Many Cancers Are Linked with HPV Each Year?

Number of HPV-associated cancers cases per year.

Here’s When Women Should Be Screened for Breast Cancer

Here’s When Women Should Be Screened for Breast Cancer

There’s a lot of back and forth over mammogram screening to prevent breast cancer, and major health groups still disagree.