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Stills From Life [Part XX] VII: "So if you hear of a bi-racial male, or any Black/African man claiming to have done anything with me, IT IS FALSE. I have had to represent hard for my preference, but it doesn't help when these men are not conducting a relationship with me. I have had to sit there and ponder why they let others believe- or if they easily believe I to have done certain things with these men. I am not HELEN OF TROY. I do not desire to be Helen of Troy, but you are just…

Still For Life [Part XXXVI] VII: "And I am sure he like every man who has turned their face on homeland customs (as the woman in his life did not have to be me), can sense the lost of respect from his North African peers. Who turns down a virgin? And he has done nothing to help the cause of the several revolutions to have taken place despite him being a French citizen." [NOTE: "She totally thought she would win with her boobs!" "Okay, so I am not accepted by Blacks is what you're saying?"]

"If I am going to be accused of insulting another Black female to which I am ganged up upon and abused by men then I will see to it that I have no Black females friends AT ALL. Do not ask me why I have no Black friends. You know why." [NOTE: So Whites understand why I must be removed from the Black community completely? I am always insulted when accused of bullying an African female; to which I do not, as I am not insecure, nor do feel inferior to her. I am tired of dealing with the…

Still From Life [Part XXI] VI: [NOTE iii: He destroys her reputation......They are infamous for not speaking to these women. It is because she is of African descent do they pull the THE BLACK CARD, and exclaim due to her ancestry he has every right to proclaim her as his girlfriend. The desire for an intraracial couple existence in the dating world is strong, so much so that White men often believe these men in their false stories of horrid courtship. African-Americans are very tricky.] fin

The Animated Filler M2: "I am different from my grandmother in that I prefer not to date those of Southern African descent. My grandfather may have been dark, but this is attributed to his Northern Sudanese ancestry. For Whites, understand this to be a British man with a Ukrainian woman. I am disrespected greatly by those of the West, and this is my reason for staying North."

The Animated Filler E5: "My rare light features have classified me as an enemy to several Blacks. I am not one who is easily trusted, however, more so than bi-racials generally. The exceptions are bi-racials who possess West African features. They are more inclined to connect deeply with the full-blooded Blacks in class, while I find assurance in full-blooded WHITES." [NOTE: I find my breasts large, so I see no need for a push-up bra. The men can shut-up as I do not care for their opinions.]

II. "And not only me, but I find White males to have the most difficult time in interacting with Black females. It's like, 'YOU ARE WANTED!...You are not my type ideally, but YOU ARE WANTED!' They crack me up. I find them to be very respectful towards Black women, least their manhood be placed into question by all the trauma stories coming out from the 'hood by Black female celebrities, and others of African descent. It does make one look at Black men in general thinking, 'What are you…

Still From Life [Part XXI] V: [NOTE continued: Understand these Black/African men desire only to be WHITE. It is in this reason do they assimilate into White culture: in full embrace of its food, sport, and woman. It is only when hurt in a circumstance do they call out, "RACISM!" And when a sect of White men are found to take interest in an African/Black female do they become crazy: 'She is WITH ME!' He is jealous of her as she is found to have more acceptance within this group than he.]

Stills From Life [Part XXVI] VII: "I found myself often walking on shells when interacting with Blacks. I had my own definitions to certain words, and people were often too emotionally upset to hear me out." [NOTE: There is a point in time when the sex act is of interest, but when rejected by several men for even a date, you find yourself not caring as to whether YOU'RE GOOD AT IT. The interest in sex wanes and you find yourself excelling in plenty of your personal pursuits (excluding men).]

Still From Life [Part XXI] IV: [NOTE: Black women are fanatical if in belief a Black male will save them from public scrutiny. Perhaps in Africa, but in this country even the most color-struck of African men will plan your demise if this means he'll achieve what HE wants; despite what you may have done to help the community as a whole. And this America is why the Af-Amer., continue to struggle in advancing themselves. The CORE is an individualist mindset in which the "strong" survive. ]