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Great Red Spot, image processing by Bjorn Jonsson. The Great Red Spot is a storm that has existed on Jupiter for a long time. Possibly over 300 years. It is huge - large enough to contain two or three planets the size of Earth!

Orions Sword   |  #perspicacityparty #cosmicwonderland

“ This is a deep image of the Sword of Orion - the three stars that make up the weapon hanging off the belt of this famous celestial hunter. The image showcases the amazing mix of physical and optical.

How will the universe change in a thousand, million, billion, and trillion years?   We’ve compiled a series of science infographics that tell you.

Astronomy:: A Timeline of the Future of the Universe. Everything that the future holds for the sun, the stars, the planets, and the universe.

The Great Red Spot + Clouds on Jupiter from Voyager 1, captured in 1979.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot: Taken by Voyager 1 through color filters and recombined to produce the color image. Assembled from three black and white negatives by the Image Processing Lab at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. -by NASA/JPL

Una proyección cilíndrica de Júpiter, composición de una serie de fotos tomadas por la nave espacial Cassini durante su sobrevuelo del planeta en diciembre del 2000.  crédito:NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.

A cylindrical projection of Jupiter stitched together from photos taken by Cassini spacecraft during its December 2000 flyby of the planet courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech


"The laws [of physics] . seem to be the product of exceedingly ingenious design. The universe must have a purpose. ~~ Paul Davies:[INDEED GOD HAS PURPOSE