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Amazon.com: The Solar Insect Zappers.: Patio, Lawn & Garden

The Solar Insect Zappers. These solar insect lights simply stake into the ground anywhere in your yard and harness the sun's energy to efficiently eliminate over 100 varieties of flying insects.

Sun Bricks - solar-powered ground lighting system.


Spice up your patio or walkway this fall with Sun Bricks, the solar-powered ground lighting system that will guide people to your front door with their inviting glow. Read more: SOLAR-POWERED SUN BRICK

Photosynthesis Solar Tree Charger | Cool Solar Powered Inventions

61 Solar Powered Inventions That Will Change The World [2nd Edition]

PhotonSynthesis by vivien MULLER, Recharge your cellphone and camera with this universal & usb solar-cell tree charger.

Our product is intended to give the homeowner the option to express themselves outside of the limitations associated with a single purpose apparatus such as a shepherds hook or a trellises.

Tower of lights. Add solar lanterns and you have a summertime eye catcher in your garden. Replace with bird feeders during winter time and you'll create a bird magnet.Good idea, back yard

For the driveway next Christmas or patio for summer.

DIY Mason Jar Candle Holders for Outdoor Lighting! Add a glass knob at top and it will probably reflect light too! Love for Christmas

This emergency radio earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it delivered a superior combination of sound qual...

This emergency radio has a USB port for charging smartphones when there's no power. features include an integrated LED flashlight, USB port for charging smartphones, mini-USB cable, and a built-in solar panel for supplemental power.

The Electree: A "bonsai tree" that uses solar power to charge your gadgets!

The Electree: finally, a bonsai tree that uses solar power to charge your gadgets

The Electree: finally, a bonsai tree that uses solar power to charge your gadgets. Shaped like a bonsai tree, each of its 27 leaves is a solar panel.

Solar Power Generator.  1250-watt battery can power fridge up to 4 days, TV for 35hrs, laptop for 30hrs. Two 30-watt solar panels charge generator to full capacity in 20hrs direct sunlight. Has 8ft long cord so generator can be used inside while attached to panels outside. Can charge on house AC in 16hrs. $2000

The Solar Power Generator. Provides emergency electricity for any home appliance. When fully charged, the battery powers a refrigerator for up to four days, a television for 35 hours, or a laptop for up to 30 hours. Up to eight solar panels, two included.