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My current favorite. The reverse taper and oval bead in a full length stick is a pleasure to hold. Very comfortable playing triples on the ride!

Hampi musical stone pillars. The sangeetha mantapa at Vittala Temple complex near Hampi is built with stone pillars with varying length and width with varying weights added on top to create different musical instrument notes when struck with tender sticks. This temple was built in 15th century AD by the Vijayanagara empire kings.

Aretha Franklin. The #queenofsoul in full #powerpose. Sometimes a full length mink coat is the perfect finishing touch.

The Staple Singers - I'll Take You There [Full Length Version] I'll be damn if this song does not take some dolls back to dem days,,,,,awwww. I know a place in dis 21s century some doll ass out n on some asinine ish...I will take you there. HA! Nope not calling daddy cause poppy is gone....what is dis place you take me there...MERCY is what some of dem n foks will smiling faces. NOPE!

Bohemian Suncatcher for Your Curtains, Windows or Walls Sun Catcher

The bohemian suncatcher has three different lengths of the stick, 35 inches, 30 inches, and 15 inches. The 35 inch one includes 20 strands of beads.

Billie's tattoos of Adie, his favourite tattoo and the reason why he wears 3/4 length sleeves or one sleeve rolled up so you can see it :)

Cactus Rain Sticks are made in Chile from real dried cactus. These small instruments are a great way to introduce sound and rhythm to children.

Broadway Nails Real Life Petites Short Length Glue-on Nails # BP01 53248 by Kiss. $2.99. Glue on nails.. Comes with pink gel glue 2 g and manicure stick.. Short length. Petites.. 24 nails in 12 sizes.. Hard to find item!