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Bryan Cranston chilling like a boss Source: All credit to the Photographer/Owner by gentlemanchannel

Frank Lloyd Wright designed many buildings and trained other architects at Taliesen West in Phoenix.


Frank Lloyd Wright Was an American architect, interior designer, writer and educator, who designed more than structures and completed 532 works. Wright believed in designing structures which.

Model off duty Street Style

Hairstyles That Men Find Irresistible

He understood the power of the media, the power of public relations as a branding application. And, he understood that successful public relations is the art of getting the media to tell your story as well as, if not better than, you’d tell it yourself.

What Picasso Knew: Branding Tips For Artists From An Art Basel Insider

Spanish artist Pablo Picasso is one of the most respected artists of the twentieth century. The focus of this collection of free art lesson plans and resources is to provide elementary school students with free lesson materials to learn about and.

How to have crucial conversations with key stakeholders to engage and secure support.

Welcome to Episode 4 of Women In Leadership Podcast. In this episode Christine Smith and I discuss how to have crucial conversations with key stakeholders to

.this makes 2nd Pin, I really feel this is an outstanding, piece of ART. We rack our minds, for edgy, mainstream, but wanton Imagery ideas. This one should deserve a  , F E W, Re-Pins! Bravo. Btw the 1 st time I viewed I was so tired I didnt recognize the pict., but knew it was worthy, that says a LOT, from me!

paint on skin would be cool. could be more abstract like this or more detailed? i have this yellow dress and it would look kinda cool if i painted sunflowers on my skin