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See what changed my mind and why I converted my site to HTTPS right away.

That’s a good question. Like you, I didn’t think it would make my site more secure or that I had any data worth encrypting. Here’s what changed my mind about it and why I converted my sites to HTTPS.

Marketing in the Digital Age – Those Most Adaptable Succeed

Online marketing strategies can change overnight. To keep your business moving forward, you must adapt to those changes.

100 Surprising Video Marketing Statistics

Businesses of all sizes cannot afford to ignore video marketing anymore. Find 100 video marketing statistics in this article to make a better decision.

Self-Publishing and the I Want it Now Syndrome (What’s a Wannabe Author To Do?)

Self-Publishing - 3 Tips to Help You Avoid the ‘I Want It Now Syndrome’ (What’s a ‘Wannabe’ Author to Do?

The Blog Post Template – 8 Must-Know Components

The Blog Post Template – 8 Must-Know Components

5 Top Email Marketing Metrics (definitions and average rates)

Email marketing is one of the best conversion tools. But, as with all marketing strategies, you must measure results. Do you know what metrics to check for?

Content Marketing in 2016 – 7 Top Strategies

What's working and what's not working for content marketing in There are seven top strategies that will help you get the results you want.

Writers On The Move: Had a Children’s Book Ghostwritten - Now What?

Hiring a ghostwriter to write your children's book can be a little nerve-wracking, but the uncertainly of what happens after the book is written can also cause

Writing and Marketing: A Press Release in Action

Press releases are a powerful content marketing tool. This article has a PR example from an expert book marketer and writing instructor.

Content Marketing - Where should you put your keywords?

Keywords and Search Ranking Must-Know Tips)

Fine Tune Your Content Marketing with Attribution Reports

An attribution report is an analytical tool that gives you details as to the 'path' a prospect takes that leads to conversion. It can even pinpoint the exact

Is your content marketing hitting the mark? Do you words count?

Is your content marketing hitting the mark? Do you words count?

How To Build A Underground Greenhouse For Year-Round Gardening (in PDF) -Growers in colder climates with shorter growing seasons are always trying to cheat the system a bit and extend the growing system.  Traditional greenhouses help with this, as does starting seeds off in trays and pots indoors, but both of these methods only allow you to extend the season by a month or two.

UPDATED: 18 Cheap & Easy DIY Homemade Greenhouses (Free Tutorials)

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