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Even though I love twilight, this was my reaction as well! Ha

If ya dont know this movie, you have a homework assignment. Vampires do not fucking sparkle!

Ok, this is definitely mean. But it's funny too.. I don't think Stephanie Meyer is an idiot. Her story was interesting enough for me to finish the books, even though I had things I didn't like about them. Not the best author in the world, but at least she is trying and doing what she loves {not to mention getting rich because of it}

Books and Reading - Funny - The Hunger Games - Stephanie Meyer - Draco Malfoy

Its weird but funny Carlisle....a panda???

This is so cute. The Twilight Characters Jacob Black (The wolf) This one is freakin nice.

And the lion fell in love with the lamb...stupid lamb....my daughter's favorite quote

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