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Black suit Spider-Man by John Byrne

The Co(s)mic ComicBook B'Cast: Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man # 101 by John Byrne

Batman Vol 1 55

Batman Vol 1 55

BAT-HISTORY, NOV Batman features "The Case of the 48 Jokers", a tale where the Clown Prince of Crime installs a Joker for each of the then 48 states in the union, captures Batman and forces him to wear a floppy clown version of his regular uniform.

Amazing Spiderman #83 Abril 1970

For sale marvel comics amazing spiderman 83 first schemer vanessa fisk stan lee john romita artwork kingpin silver age comic book emorys memories.

Early November 1988 The Amazing Spider-Man #308 Marvel Comic Book

Early November 1988 The Amazing Spider-Man #308 Marvel Comic Book

This is the The Amazing Spider-Man comic book from Marvel. This is in the series, which was released in late November of This book is in great condition overall with only light signs of age

No 29 - Servicemen - Sueperheros - Dc Comics - Ten Cents - George Roussos

Free Online Lesson Plan focused around student analysis of WWII comic book covers. Click the image to get to the pdf file, which uses this cover and several others.