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Sokka And Suki by sqbr

Sokka and Suki doing an upside down breakdance kiss, based on this photo, which I unfortunately can't find an original source for. Sokka And Suki

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No, I'm Not Tear-Bending, Someone's Just Cutting Onions in here. Seriously though, this art kinda reminds me of Brother Bear

One of the best things about this show- the protagonists regularly face internal struggles about good and evil that show that heroes aren't perfect either

Not for Wan or korra, since korra supposedly destroyed vatu, he will grow inside the avatar tied to Raava. The avatar years after korra might experience the war inside

Varrick - I love Mako's face in this whole sequence

Haha I love Varrick! He was never on the good or bad sides. He was one of the most realistic characters on ATLOK

Thisis Beautiful! I love and miss aang!

aang is so much more legit than korra. Korra would beat him in a fight, but Aang had the Avatar diplomacy DOWN

"What did Kuruk even do during his lifetime? It feels like the world kept peace on its own."

minuiko: man like what did Kuruk even do during his lifetime it feels like the world kept peace on its own. Poor Kyoshi, having as polar an opposite as you could get (except for Aang) for her main Avatar spirit councilor.

Zuko and Mai from Avatar The Last Airbender...... *sigh*.... looked better w/ Katara.....

Zuko and Mai from Avatar The Last Airbender. looked better w/ Katara. <<< "Looked" but Aang needs Katara and Mai needs Zuko because they help each other grow