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I'm in my bed. You're in your bed. One of us is in the wrong place. Ha, luv it. Wanting you, relationships, humor, truth

oh I really am! it's perfection. it really is. it's almost too pretty to look at. every cock should look like his.

“When you’re hopelessly addicted to his cock.” When you just love the way that cock feels when you fuck. The way that cock makes you cum. When love that cock and when you can’t get enough of it. When you’re addicted to his cock and loving it.

I Love it when U do that Baby!!!!! Omigosh I Do!! All day I've wanted U...U drive me crazy with desire!! YOU are so sexy...so incredibly HOT!!!! I Miss YOU so freakin much!!!!! I want to spend every day with YOU!!!!! I Love YOU & I do love pleasing U...in every way!!! :-*:-*:-* ***

I like these as little teaser phrases for those who aren't ready to talk dirty, but want to hint at having some fun.

I never would.  I'm loyal forever.  Y0u don't promise till death do we part and give up. You forgive.  Let go and grow.

Quotes About Love – Moving On Quotes 0076 Quotes About Love Description Yes. It’s about seeing that person in their darkest time yet still choosing to love them. That is love. No relationship is.

Yes, we did! Xo

He grinned and then stuck his tongue out and licked my forehead. I laughed and then tried to wipe where he’d licked. “Nope,” he said, taking my hand away from my head. “If I lick it, it’s mine.”--House of Korba

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This is me exactly! Number 5 is MAJOR! All of these fit me perfectly, but I CANNOT stand to be ignored!but number 6 isn't really me cuz I don't have a phone. But when I get one I will text back really fast.

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I just want you to be happy. And naked (porn style quote! ) These 22 Super Cute Love Notes Are What Makes Relationships Last Forever made me giggle all day long


I always have a kiss waiting for you! I have one waiting for you now! I always have a kiss waiting for you even when I do kiss you! I'm all kisses for you baby!