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Friggin cool

Yup that's a beard . And yup that's a Hat ! This is what you call a Mountain Man

.b3ardos only

brotherhood of mustaches & beards // miami, fl // brain powell good buddy

Actor Shintaro Katsu by Kazumi Kurigami

Actor Shintaro Katsu (photo by Kazumi Kurigami)

BEARDED GOSPEL MEN, website about beards. :-)

i found a photo that captures my love of bone anatomy and my love of beards at the same time. is this heaven?

The History of Shaving and Beards

The History of Shaving and Beards

Learn about the history of shaving and facial hair like beards and mustaches across many cultures with this timeline from the Old Farmer's Almanac.

"He got the scent, the flowers, the cigars. He's got time, the watch, the big hand passing in the bar. He's looking afar, at him, the partner, and not at her."

My first sexual experiences were with a bearded man 30 years my senior who smoked cigars. Even now, years since then, I associate the smell of a cigar with sex so strongly that it can give me an instant erection.


Toshirō Mifune in a publicity photo for Red Beard / Akahige (Akira Kurosawa -

Daily Man Up (29 Photos) (23)

Daily Man Up (29 Photos)

"Off the Grid" is a photo documentary series about Americans who have left mainstream society in order to live closer to nature. The series is by French photographer Eric Valli.