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If you want to ad some whimsy to a traditional event, you should try Over the Rainbow Pancake Breakfast. This event would tie in very nicely with St. Patrick's Day as residents eat their way through a rainbow of pancakes.

Oh boy!

Valentines Day is coming up and what man doesn't love bacon? This cute bouquet of bacon roses is sure to bring a smile and is fun and easy to make!

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snowman snack -- banana slices, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips or blueberries, sprinkles

Love this :)

Patrick's Day Rainbow Treat, thank you my dear cousin this is a wonderful treat idea and my 15 yr.old son said he would love to hand these out to his friends! St Patrick s Day

Jello Shot Cake..yummy but dangerous!

Jell-O Shot Cake

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: Rainbow RDA (So pretty! Use vegan yogurt, and either some vegan jello or agar-agar? Look into natural food colorings for this.

Isn't this the cutest! great project to do with a 2nd grade class.

apple slices, peanut butter and marshmallows for the teeth! apple slices, peanut butter and marshmallows for the teeth! apple slices, peanut butter and marshmallows for the teeth!

Coloured spagetti :)....  Place a drop or two of food colouring in Baggie, add a scoopful of cooked  spagetti,  swish around.  Repeat with a as many different colours you want.   Kids will love it!

How fun! Rainbow pasta with Parmesan clouds! 20 drops food color, water per zipped baggie. Let cooked, cold-rinsed pasta sit in bag. Broil parmesan to make chips. Eat the delicious.

Yogurt and strawberry flower. Use coconut milk yogurt. Cute for Valentines .site has other Valentine ideas.


All this colorful bento lunch needs is a unicorn lollipop for dessert. Make a rainbow bento box HERE at My Bento Art.

Black olive, cream cheese and carrot penguin party food, appetizer,

Jell-O Watermelon…the ultimate Jell-O shot?

Jell-O Watermelon…

Funny pictures about Jell-O Watermelon. Oh, and cool pics about Jell-O Watermelon. Also, Jell-O Watermelon.

Jelly oranges with rainbow flair - I know Maya is a bit too young for this but I have a Jello fan at home who will love this for his B-day!

Jelly oranges with rainbow flair

Rainbow Gelatin Orange Wedges (use sugar free jello; in the comments people suggested using Jello Jigglers recipe)

Cute idea for lunch using cookie cutters on bread for fun sandwiches