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Google taglia i prezzi di Drive: 1 terabyte a meno di 9 euro al mese - http://mobilemakers.org/google-taglia-i-prezzi-di-drive-1-terabyte-a-meno-di-9-euro-al-mese/

10 Excellent Drawing Tools for Teachers and Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

15 Hands-on History Ideas for Middle School Kids Studying The French and Indian War @ Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

15 Hands-on History Ideas for Studying the French Indian War

15 Hands-on History Ideas for Middle School Kids Studying the French and Indian War. Middle school homeschool hands-on history for The French and Indian War

Great articles to read about teaching math, particularly fractions

Elementary Algebra is generalized form of arithmetic. It provides a language to represent problems and functions. Algebraic thinking is also one of the first forms of abstract thinking that students develop in mathematics.

Instagram in the Classroom . . . many of these ideas can be incorporated into Google sites or other online tools.  Presented by Hannah Hudson on We Are Teachers.

10 Surprising Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom

I LOVE this activity, because it doesn't seclude social media only to outside the classroom. It allows for parents to be included on what goes outside the classroom at their leisure. Definitely will be using this in the future!

Did you know that Google Slides can be used for much more than just presentations? Google Slides is one of the most flexible learning tools in the Google Apps suite. In fact, I used Google Slides to create my eBook: The Teacher’s Guide to Google Classroom! That’s right!

How to Create an eBook with Google Slides

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