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Color Psychology Green copy Emotional Interior Design: Using Green

Emotional Interior Design: Using Green

Have an affinity for the color green? You adore all that Mother Nature has to offer and are environmentally conscious. Colorgraphically Speaking, click to read more about what green says about your personality.  #paint #color #green color psychology

Green: Find out what your favorite color says about you in the I ♥ Color series from The Land of Color. Green is my favorite color but this is a pretty far off description of me.

#Green                 Must be why I like green so much :)                                                                                                                                                     More

{Color Inspiration} Green

"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises." ~ GREEN<GREEN>>>our beautiful colour for this week--enjoy--hope you feel alive,revived,excited---every time you pin it---hahhahaha----HAVE FUN !

call the color

- I was looking for an ideal mint green color for designing my Pins last week and trully think this might be the one.

The lush and the wild is not there. It is in the spirit world, that world between worlds, Rio Abajo Rio, that river beneath the river.

Random Inspiration 132

Green Grün Verde Grøn Groen 緑 Emerald Colour Texture Style Form Pattern

Like GREEN ? Check out my GREEN board @ http://pinterest.com/1sassymay/green/

previous pinner says: green. This is simular to the color and age of my first car. 61 VW Bug - Neon Green with shag carpet all over the interior.

Tuscan Color Palette | approach to using color. Then we’ll explore one of my favorite color ...

Earthy- the tan is like my main wall color thru the downstairs. The lighter green is similar to my counters. Need a contrast paint for the kitchen….Love that clay color or whatever is!

6 DIFFERENT bathrooms... 6 different colors.   All small little bathrooms and some of the color and patterns made me want to yak...but that being said, this is my fav.  - mint-green-retro-bathroom

6 colorful 1950 vintage bathrooms - The Comer House in Gallatin, Tenn

The Comer House in Gallatin, Tennessee features six -- yes, -- colorful pastel bathrooms built in These are gorgeous!