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Flask and The Press is a speakeasy concept divided into two distinct spaces. Entry into the contemporary lounge is secreted behind a lively sandwich shop. With a fair number of speakeasy-themed bars in Shanghai, Alberto Caiola

Secret doors and passageways are awesome. Architect Alberto Caiola designed a speakeasy in Shanghai, China that’s accessed via a vintage Coca-Cola vending machine inside an unassuming sandwich shop.

You can keep your secret sex dungeon in there.

22 Clever Hiding Places To Stash Your Stuff

Narnia-like Wardrobe Hidden Playroom. If I'm ever super rich, I'll do this for my kids. Heck, forget the kids, I'll make my own secret room.

「金衛町の家」庭屋一如・通り土間の家 | 新潟で自然素材の住宅・無垢の家なら|オーガニックスタジオ新潟

「金衛町の家」庭屋一如・通り土間の家 | 新潟で自然素材の住宅・無垢の家なら|オーガニックスタジオ新潟

Staircase design and wood slat door | interior design idea

Casa El Pangue is a wood-cladded dwelling by Elton+Leniz Arquitectos Asociados, sited on a steep slope facing the ocean in a rural area of El Pangue, Chile.

スパイ映画に登場する秘密基地や忍者が潜んでいそうなからくり屋敷にはほぼかならず登場する「隠し扉」を作ってしまえる家具や仕掛けを色々紹介します。1. 階段をリモコンで操作すると……。2. これはわかりません3...

secret passageways in houses creative home engineering 12 35 Secret Passageways Built Into Houses

Yes.  My husband has informed me he will put this in our first home.

Interior doors with shelves are one of space saving ideas that can improve functionality of small room design