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Hello! My name is Bucky Bear. I'm Steve Roger's (aka Captain America) best friend and faithful side-kick. I like to help him protect America and freedom from evil rascals everywhere. I also like to go...

-Steve and Bucky’s sleep is the most peaceful when they are resting together, protecting each other from the nightmares.-

Although Logan and Remy can both speak fluent and perfect (almost perfect, in Logan’s case) French, they cannot have a conversation in the language without laughing horribly at what the other one is saying. They learned quickly that Canadian French and New Orleans French are not compatible.

Bucky being a brother to Stevie, telling him stories so he doesn't feel the bruises quite so keenly.

(シ_ _)シ — mcu-supersoldiers: zhaana: tumblr AU in which Steve never gets the serum and never goes to war. Bucky still falls from the train and gets turned into the Winter Soldier, only to go rogue during a mission years later, finding his way back to Brooklyn