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Rainbow Hearts *Adoption give credit to original creator not stealing it just up for adoption*

Rainbow Clear (idk any other good names :P) comment to adopt

Alaina plz adopt

This is a Cloud Pony oc for PyscoSnowflake I hope you like her! ^^ Type Summer dusk cloud Cloud Ponies c SugarMoonPonyArtist Base by iVuiAdopts "MLP FIM. Cloud Pony oc for PyscoSnowflake

This is Luna's cousin, Ruby. Her mother past away a few years ago so she needs a new one. She hopes that her and her to-come family will together rule the kingdom of Sacrenova.

Princess Pink Up for adoption - LilySnap adopted already by Mak b

Aurora is 14 and was a princess before her parents died, so she might be a little bossy ADOPTED BY @andersen0964

Princess Eclipse is 26 years old. She enjoys watching solar eclipses and is a student to Princess Luna. She is pretty dark.

This is Cloud Gust. She loves flying and helping to get rid of the clouds. Comment to adopt.

This is Cloud Gust. She loves flying and helping to get rid of the clouds. Thunder adopted her!

Cookie loves to bake and loves her friends too!!! She is best freinds with pinke and sister with Sweet Treats. She is 18

✅ Adopted By Morgan Hrody✅ COOKIE: Cookie loves to make (of course) cookies. ALIAS:none

This pony is a 20 year old Pegasus and sister of saffire shores adopted by Princess Luna fan 2016

✅Adopted by Cupcake Baby✅ Turbine Elegance loves going to balls. Her sister is Aries. She likes to help Pinkie Pie bake cupcakes ALAIS:Turbine

Galaxy Cloud up for adoption say in comment that you want her

Galaxy Cloud is a shy pegasus. Her best friend is Eternal Galaxy who help her to meet more ponies. She is shy because she is only awake in the night and she don’t socialiate with ponies. ADOPTED BY JOSEFINA