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Ah true true except I don't wonder trade my weak pokemon, I release them unless I need them for my pokedex

pokémon - I Can't Descyther This

pokémon - I Can't Descyther This>>>>may I axew to stop with the pokepuns?>>> Oh unown person give it a rest

Team Breakdown #PokemonGO That is true about Valour, but they're also the team responsible for creating friendships and flying to victory with giving the feeling of winning to your Pokemon and the lost battles are to be on the trainer's side, not the Pokemon (the blame can also be put on lag)

Pokemon go teams. Team valor b*tches << XD REKT SCRUBS!<<< see ya on the battle field valor rules b*tches

Always An Ash by Gabasonian.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Pfff this is what happens when you are always saying "im Ash 10 years old from pallet town"


F**k...! Pickachu!

Fairies are so scary :0

All dragon types evacuate the area. I repeat, all dragon types evacuate the area. There is a fairy type sighting. I repeat there is a fairy type sighting.