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This is Paisley. She is 14 and is sister's with Mercedes. She is 10 months younger than Mercedes. She is goth because of her rough past. She is very self-contained and shy. She is also rebellious. Please adopt her and Mercedes together

Adopted by Chloe Nye :: This is Amanda, Hattie's sister. She goes by Addie. Addie likes books and movies based off the books....basically anything having to do with books. She does well in school and really, really, REALLY wants to see big hero six. She is 2 years younger than Hattie at 14, but they look like they could be twins.

James Dean / Born: James Byron Dean, February 8, 1931 in Marion, Indiana, USA / Died: September 30, 1955 (age 24) in Cholame, California, USA #actor

This beautiful 'Rogue One' concept art shows off early designs for the characters

After some reconfiguring of a story pitch from John Knoll, chief creative officer at Industrial Light & Magic, the story was re-tooled a bit to focus on a more personal story between Jyn and her father.