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"Abbey Road" | 16 Classic Record Covers Reinterpreted With Superheroes

Community Post: 14 Classic Album Covers Reinterpreted With Superheroes

Once again, The Line it is Drawn's theme this week is Album Cover Homages. The original Beatles cover for Abbey Road can be seen here: [link] Colors by . Fantastic Four - Abbey Road

marvel silver age comic book covers | 1966 Fantastic Four #48 Marvel Comics Silver Age Ungraded (MEARS ...

A pretty brilliant Jack Kirby cover to FANTASTIC FOUR. Rather than simply showing Galactus on this first appearance cover, Kirby instead chooses to focus on the reactions of the public, the FF, and most ominously, the Watch. Galactus himself isn’t.

Fantastic Four # 82 by Jack Kirby & Joe Sinnott                                                                                                                                                     More

Fantastic Four #82, January 1969 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade VG/F

Jack Kirby

Fantastic Four (Mar cover by Jack Kirby & Sol Brodsky. Look closely - Johnny has TWO right hands!

Fantastic Four Annual # 5 by Jack Kirby & Frank Giacoia

Fantastic Four Annual # 5 -- Psycho-Man makes his debut . Cover by Jack Kirby .

Fantastic Four 173. The FF tackle Galactus on Counter-Earth. Jack Kirby cover. #JackKirby #Galactus #FantasticFour

Fantastic Four 173 - my first issue of the actual FF comic. Up to this point, I had been reading Marvel's Greatest Comics reprinting FF stories and finding them more interesting than this comic.