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Even Potatoes Have Humor

Even Potatoes Have Humor

Doctor Who Cross-Stitch Pattern

Cover from DWM 417 with Matt Smith as the Doctor. New times, people. Transition time: The Doctor goes from David Tennant to Matt Smith an.

Is it pitiful that this makes me want to cry?

"The future pivots on you! For humanity, and for earth." --- Advice from The Doctor.

This scene in Finding Nemo is so adorable and sad cuz Marlin is leaving Dory

Doctor Who (2005) - Saison  2 affiche

Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series. Doctor Who doesn't impress with their graphics/effects, but I loved David Tennant as the doctor, and his chemistry with Billie Piper was inspiring.

Like a band!

Amy: "If we're going to die, let's die looking like a Peruvian folk band.