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German Jet Engine and Gas Turbine Development, 1930-45 (Hardcover)

Developmental history of German jet engine including original design plans, photographs of prototypes, technical diagrams and graphs. It begins with the theoretical work of early designers but concent

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Turbo-Jet Engine Afterburner Patent - Airplane Blueprint, Airplane Art, Pilot Gift, Aircraft Decor, Airplane Poster, Jet Patent

Turbo-Jet Engine Afterburner Patent - Airplane Blueprint Airplane Art Pilot Gift Aircraft Decor Airplane Poster Jet Patent by PatentsAsPrints

ATJ140SE Turbine Specs Dimensions: Outer Diameter 110mm; Length: 320mm Weight: 1600grams (including starter) Nominal thrust @ 150C: 14KG @ 125,000rpm Idle RPM: 35,000 Idle thrust @ 35,000: 0.6KG EGT: 650-7500C Fuel Consumption: @ max rpm 420 gms/min Fuel/ oil: Jet -A1 or Kerosene + 5% oil (synthetic turbine engine oil)

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