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"Alphabet of books"

Book alphabet (sub/short lesson idea: have students design their own font/alphabet using a repeated object)


Galería de diseños: 32 Posters tipográficos

Pinner said: I like this idea it's very creative, lots of detail has gone into this image. Very clever how they have used the word zebra for the stripes of the zebra. I think you could draw all sorts of things using this concept

Sawdust / NewModern - Exclusive Faces

New Modern Font. A modern and experimental typeface designed by London-based design duo Sawdust. The New Modern font also includes illustrator files contai


Digital artist and motion graphics designer Dan Hoopert lives and works in England. Using Cinema Hoopert created a stunning typography project that re-created the alphabet with virtual wire.

Sticky tape fonts

Shake… Tape Your Boogie! Once we wen to a pharmacy to buy some tape and just started to fool around covering each other with tones of tape. At some point we realized that tape is perfect for alphabet. Tape your boogie alphabet with Handmadefont!


folded paper type by Konstantin Datz, idea para ejercicio de tipografía_ modernismo ';

I've been spending the morning looking at binder full of Children's Librarian materials, most of it in Comic Sans. So, yeah.

Funny pictures about If dogs were fonts. Oh, and cool pics about If dogs were fonts. Also, If dogs were fonts photos.