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Activate Your Core with this 5-Exercise Ab Blitz

Published on August 13, 2022
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Get super strong abs with this Pilates 5-exercise series. No equipment needed!
  • EXERCISE 1: Single Leg Pull on the Mat: exhale each time you pull one knee toward your chest (the extended leg hovers off the mat).
  • EXERCISE 2: Double Leg Pull: a simple exercise, yet quite effective for tightening the abs while stretching the lower back. Extend both arms and legs out, then hug them together as you exhale.
  • EXERCISE 3: Single Straight Leg Stretch: the challenge is keeping the top leg as straight as possible.
  • EXERCISE 4: Double Straight Leg Stretch: With straight legs, pull them toward your nose, initiating the movement from the contraction of your lower abdominal muscles. Keep your lower back bolted to the mat at all times.
  • EXERCISE 5: Oblique Criss Cross: good, old-fashioned bicycles for the abdominals! Try not to fold your elbow forward over your face. Keep the elbows back always and rotate from the spine.
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