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Hydrangea Pruning tips for when to prune hydrangeas and pictures from The Old Farmer's Almanac.

If you love hydrangeas, as I do, now is the time to propagate them. If you don't have one, maybe a neighbor would let you take a few cuttings. It won't harm the existing plant, so don't be shy in asking. In about 6 weeks you'll be able to plant the cuttings in their permanent site.

Propagating Hydrangeas

This is a guide about propagating hydrangeas. Propagating hydrangeas from cuttings is surprisingly easy and a great way to increase your plantings and share with neighbors.

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Organic Ways to Kill Fungus on Hydrangeas

Producing large clusters of brightly colored blooms, hydrangeas (Hydrangeas) provide a cottagelike feel to gardens in U. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 3 through When the hydrangeas .

The Garden Explorer: Limelight Hydrangea in the Fall

Remember those beautiful Limelight hydrangeas that I posted pictures of in August? Well, I mentioned in that post that an added bonus you g.

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TIP GARDEN: Thrifty Gardening: How to Root Hydrangeas From a Cutting. Somebody plant me some. Havent had much luck so far.

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Learn how to plant hydrangeas the right way for beautiful results. Planting and care tips including trimming, watering, and hydrangea fertilizer tips here.

What southern garden is complete without this garden headliner? ‘Big Daddy’ Hydrangea blooms brighten in spring while our Dear Dolores™ variety reblooms spring through fall.

Plant Spotlight: Hydrangeas, Learn about hydrangea garden stunners that delight in this video