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Muramatsu EX-III flute with flower petals

Muramatsu EX-III flute with flower petals

Flute @Maria Canavello Mrasek Henderson Bosen @Kylie Knapp Knapp Walter

Silvertone SD3000 Complete Acoustic Guitar Pacakage

Why doesn't my flute look like this. Beautiful hand made flute by John Lunn GORGEOUS reminds me of my dear friend Karen man she can play one of these .she would so love this

"The Dryad's Touch" 18k green gold art nouveau flute.

"The Dryad's Touch" green gold art nouveau flute. This is the most gorgeous flute I have ever seen!

Lunn Flute "The Dryad's Muse" Detail by John Lunn

Lunn Flute The Dryads Muse Detail by John Lunn

GX Model | Muramatsu America

GX Model | Muramatsu America

The Wind Horse flute detail by John Lunn

John Lunn - Society of North American Goldsmiths

Howlite flute crown

This is the new crown I got for my flute! It's howlite, with gold around the edge. It seems purely aesthetic, but it actually changes the timbre pretty noticeably!

Powell Sonaré flutes enable musicians to keep within their own price range, while still playing at an expert level of flute performance! With a body and headjoint crafted in Powell workshops along the

Powell Sonare PS-501 Flute

Powell Sonare Flute - Octave Music Inc.

My Muramatsu lip plate

My Muramatsu lip plate