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Topic: Make sleeping, eating, dressing, etc easier and bond with your child. Issues: Your child’s—and your—dominant sense and sensory personality; sensory overload, from age 0-5; how and why your child’s sensory personality shapes his or her reactions to new experiences and people; help your child thrive in the outside world. Listen here…

Topic: What to expect when adult child gets divorced. Issues: Understanding your role in helping your adult child and grandchildren cope with divorce; adjusting to your role as grandparent when your adult child remarries; constructing healthy boundaries to avoid becoming consumed with your child’s problems. Listen here:

Guest 1: Samantha Feuss, adoptive mother of two. Topic: When adoption doesn’t work out. Issues: The risks of international adoptions; what agencies don’t tell you about your adopted child’s background, age, and more; worries about being judged if an adoption goes bad; finding support from other parents and social workers who understand what it’s like.

Amber Ankowski and Andy Ankowski, co-authors of Think Like a Baby. Topic: Learn to better understand your child’s developing mind. Issues: Setting up simple research experiements to do with your baby; fun ways to get insight into what’s happening inside your child’s skull; the importance of talking to your baby; playing with reflexes; how music affects a child–before he or she is even born; many more experiments.

Leon Scott Baxter, author of Secrets of Safety-Net Parenting. Topic: Raising happy and successful children. Issues: The importance of letting our children fail—and learn from the experience; helping children find their passions and strengths; the difference between nudging a child in a particular direction and pushing; why you’re not your child’s friend—and shouldn’t try to be.

5 Tips To Help Your Toddler Learn To Love Sleep

If you'd rather give yourself an enema than endure the bedtime routine with your toddler each night, these easy, practical tips are just what you need to help teach your child how to LOVE sleep!

Topic: Creating a new family system of choosing, earning, and ownership. Issues: Teaching children to work for what they want; spur enthusiasm about responsibility in unmotivated children; cultivate values of discipline, integrity, and self-reliance; foster smart, economically savvy children. Listen here:

Alfie Kohn, author of The Myth of the Spoiled Child Topic: Challenging the conventional wisdom about children and parenting Issues: Parents ...

Love this idea - a calm down corner with a soft pillow and soothing sensory items to help the child relax, regain control, and be ready to talk

I might give each boy a journal & have 15 mins of journal time in the mornings this summer -- idea: Give Your Child a "Safe Journal" - A Place to Ask You Anything! - Harvard Homemaker