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It's just in a cat's nature to hunt. They're not necessarily doing it for fun, it's just how they were when they used to be wild creatures, and it's just part of their nature now.

How Much Does A Cat Kill? (The Oatmeal)

How Much Does A Cat Kill? (The Oatmeal) "Man's adorable little serial Killers"

How to pet a kitty.

kitty petting rules, They seem legit! Like frolicking through the back hairs of an angel!

What’s Wrong, Human? Why We Stop? Literally just lol'd

Sure, Blame The Dog // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - the dog is just looking at his friend like "hey human. Human, r u alright? I think I broke my human.

Leave him. You can't deny what's between us.

Come-hither eyes…

Definitely thought of you, Chey, with the whole funny cat face thing ;) Dump A Day Attack Of The Funny Animals - 45 Pics

Home Alone

When my cats are home alone, if someone drives up and opens their car door, they get inside. They also leap into moving strollers (with babies inside). Who knows what theyd do if someone came to the door (sigh)

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Expressions: 27 Cats Pictures That Are Never Not Funny That is a scary look on a cat

Could be Carmen's pet guinea pig, Picnic!

Funny pictures about Mexican guinea pig. Oh, and cool pics about Mexican guinea pig. Also, Mexican guinea pig.