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What areas of your life have been affected by the abusive experiences with a narcissist: Financial Were you dependent upon your abuser for financial assistance? Did the stress or depression of abus…

Digging Into the Areas of Your Life Affected by Narcissistic Abuse

Being brutally honest with yourself shows courage and promotes growth. People who can not be brutally honest with themselves can never accept responsibility for their mistakes/actions, blaming it on others instead.

I "see" you so clearly, scumbag.

you smell like hidden motives. they all smell like hidden motives. i hate inauthentic people.

Knowledge Is Nothing Without Execution

You are the only person who can make yourself TRULY happy! Happiness starts with YOU! Once you allow yourself to be happy, then others will make you happy as well!

let us now praise badass women, seriously

I'm sorry, did I roll my eyes out loud?

It happends quite odten though lol.



You never #fail until you stop #trying

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love yourself first. Life goal right now

Adorable Instagram Captions For Photos With Your Friends

19 Best Instagram Captions That Are Worthy Of Your Girl Squad Pics

Adorable Instagram Captions For Photos With Your Friends

36 Movie Quotes To Use When You Need An Instagram Caption

36 Movie Quotes To Use When You Need An Instagram Caption

Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings | Inspirational Quotes

I'd say never make permanent decisions BASED ON temporary feelings.

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"TRUE FRIENDS"- A reminder that all the people that have left may have been good for that time, that place…it’s not always negative. The best really do stay.

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Inspirational Quotes - Positive Quotes - Own who you are

Yes sometimes its so overwhelming tho

"My life is constantly under construction. There's always something to improve." Personal development is always something to strive for; reach your full potential!

You've been warned, in French, Hahaha

watch Le fuckin back.