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E21 - Smudge Brush

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The Smudge Brush features a very small, short, rounded head. Best used to smudge eyeshadow, eyeliner or create a bold cut crease.

228 Mini Shader Brush

228 Mini Shader Brush

E45 - Small Tapered Blending Brush

Unique Feature: Very tapered and pointed with precise tip Function: Precise color application onto the crease Recommended Use: Picking up color with just the tip of the brush, apply intense colors to the crease to add depth and dimension to the eye.

E46 - Shader Brush (Inner Corner)

E46 Shader - Inner Corner Brush

The Shader – Inner Corner Eyeshadow Brush features a small, tapered oval brush head perfect for adding color to the inner corners of the eye. The beveled tip fits into the crease for a sharp application of product.

E48 - Pointed Crease™ Brush

The Pointed Crease™ eyeshadow brush features long, soft fibers with a pointed tip. This brush works best with powder products for exact placement to the crease for a diffused, yet controlled finish.

Sigma F70 Concealer Brush

Sigma F70 Concealer Brush

Sigma E32 Exact Blend Brush

Sigma E32 Exact Blend Brush

Sigma E25 Blending Brush

Sigma E25 Blending Brush

E17 - Waterline Liner Brush

The Waterline Eyeliner Brush features a short, flat brush head perfect for applying gel, liquid or powder products onto the lower waterline for easy and exact product placement.

E56 - Shader - Lid Brush

The Shader Lid Brush features an oval, tapered tip perfect for precise placement of powder products on the smaller areas of the lid.

Sigma Buff and Blend - E39

Sigma Buff and Blend - E39

The Buff and Blend™ eyeshadow brush features a shorter, round dense brush head that blends colors softly, but with precision onto the lid for a diffused effect.

Chizzle Contouring Brush


Shape up with this chizzle contouring brush. Perfect for building coverage with its tapered edge, this is your new contouring fix.

E43 - Domed Blend | Sigma Beauty brush | On Point line

E43 Domed Blending™ Brush

Eye makeup brushes for lining, smudging, eye shadow and more with exclusive fibers and free warranty. Sigma brushes are award winning and PRO approved.

Airbrush Blender F63 make up kwast van Sigma

The Airbrush Blender™ Brush features a firm, yet soft brush head with a slightly rounded tip. Use this airbrush makeup brush with cream or liquid products anywhere on the face for an airbrushed effect.