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Obi wan and Leia

Obi wan and Leia

If Anakin hadn't turned to the dark side and Padme hadn't died. Luke stays with Padme after the fall of the republic were she spies for the rebellion and Leia goes with Anakin out on missions for the rebellion. I love it.

star wars rebel AU by shorelle - an AU where Anakin joins the Rebel Alliance and Padme is a spy in the senate.

If Anakin Skywalker Never Went To The Dark Side.

"If Anakin Hadn't Gone to the Dark Side" I want to see this, or read this. Always wondered his life if he hadn't gone to the Dark Side

leia skywalker  and luke skywalker

leia skywalker and luke skywalker

Obi survive

Star Wars I Will Survive. "Obi Never Fully Dies, Obi Always Survives" By LiberLibelula

Anakin and Obi-Wan mocking the battle droids they’ve just killed. RotS deleted scenes.

I need this, but Force-ghost Ani and Obi haunting a first order base, creating trouble, and mocking Kylo Ren whilst the storm troopers, hux and Ren wonder what is going on.

I   a m   v e r y   p r o u d   o f   y o u

“I a m v e r y p r o u d o f y o u ” ” h christ me right up because you know that force ghost anakin would DREAD seeing obi wan again so filled with.