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Age it's just a number by sm00thprodu

Life is meant to live without rules..without expectations & especially without putting limitations for simply living & loving freely and for me it's Only by my own rules..that means I break every rule that's placed on me! I won't be chained, tied or restricted from being wildly free.. That my dear is ME being absolutely real!!

Please, empower yourself. I know it's tough, I've been there. Just look in the mirror everyday and tell that woman, no matter your age, that you deserve better because you are valuable. You are worthy of better treatment. Ignore anyone who tells you differently because they are the ones who are unworthy of YOU.

"Age is a unit of measurement used to identify how long you've been alive. It doesn't gauge ur maturity, common sense, ability to handle situations or anything else."

And this is why it's important to be with friends during tough times!

We're basically sabotaged by nature. Someone who's emotionally immature is not capable of having a healthy relationship.

Age Interpretation by on @DeviantArt

It will bring me happiness. Ha ha ha...

1) they've been around for long enough to know better, my great grandparents weren't racist for instance despite being born in the 20s 2) so teach them that's wrong 3) THEY HAVE NO EXCUSE

What are Things I Can & Can't Control: Anxiety & Anger Counseling